Faces West International

Vancouver, british columbia, canada

November 21st - 24th, 2019




Models & Actors

If you are an aspiring model or performer, these 4-days at Faces West will allow you to network and showcase yourself to over 50+ Top International Scouts, Agents, and Casting Directors throughout the globe!



Meet top International Agents and Scouts from all around world and hopefully succeed in obtaining an International contract, or an opportunity closer to home depending on your career goals. To meet this number of agents would normally take years, as opposed to 4 days.


you will

Participate alongside these International Agents and Scouts who will be giving seminars and workshops that will give you first-hand knowledge of the industry that would practically be impossible to obtain without being part on an event like the Faces West International Model and Talent event.

Sarah B. CSI and PFM.jpg

you will

After the 4 days have a better understanding of which areas you need to concentrate in order to continue thriving in this competitive industry. When the 4 days are over, some will travel internationally, and some will focus on a more domestic level.

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you will

Have the opportunity at ‘OPEN-GO-SEES’ to meet with all the scouts and agents.

Ultimately, you will as a Model/Actor experience one of the most exciting and memorable 4-days of your lifetime.

Faces West Experience

The main purpose is to provide a venue where a group of outstanding, pre-screened models and performers can meet together to learn, network, show off their skills and encounter top industry professionals.

Faces West is celebrated as North America’s Most Prestigious Model & Talent event. The 4-days serve as a pivotal step for Models and Talent who are looking to development in the industry on local, national and international scales. Faces West ensures the attendance of TOP International Scouts, Agents, and Casting Directors throughout the world.

The event has proved to be a favorite setting for the many industry professionals who have returned in the past and who have indicated that they will be here again this year.

It has also seen many careers launched, with contracts being signed, affiliations formed and durable friendships made.


Nothing is set in stone. The only thing that is permanent is change. Embrace the unknown. Change your perspective. You drive what you are. Write your future. It's in your hands. Without change there can be no growth. You're the face of what's next. The difference is you.

- Unknown

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