Faces West started in 1993 out of the conviction that the Pacific Northwest was ready for a Model and Talent Convention that would provide something that most other conventions did not; quality and comfortable size at a modest price for the contestants. Tired of stories of young hopefuls being sold the dream rather than the reality, and paying outrageous sums of money for the privilege, Faces West set out to create a convention that would be capable of attracting the world's top Agents and Scouts but to a more intimate setting and with a more manageable number of highly qualified contestants to allow more time for the main purposes of the Convention to be achieved.

The main purpose is to provide a venue where a group of outstanding, pre-screened models and performers can meet together to learn,network, show off their skills and encounter top industry professionals. The formula worked since Faces West is now not only the fastest growing modeling and Talent Convention in North America but is proving to be a favorite setting for the many industry professionals who have returned in the past and who have indicated that they will be here again this year. It has also seen many careers launched, with contracts being signed, affiliations formed and durable friendships made.

If you are an aspiring model or actor or an agency director who would like to provide best exposure possible for your models and talent, Faces West Convention is the place to be discovered.

No wonder, then, that Faces West has now become the standard by which other conventions are judged. If you have attended before, we will be delighted to see you again. If you are new to Faces West, your participation will be warmly welcomed and we feel sure that,once you have enjoyed the unique Faces West hospitality, you too will make it an annual event not to be missed.

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"Faces West is the best Convention in Canada"
Karin Models
Paris, New York, Miami

"Wow! What a treat, great talent and organization."
Agence Presse Models

Elite Models, New York, Paris, Milan, LA

"One of the best conventions we have attended."